The idea for NAILANGS keyboard was conceived during a time that Adé, our C.E.O wanted a good and easy to use computer keyboard to type her Nigerian language,Yorùbá but could not get one easily.

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention” (Plato), this inability to find a good and easy to use computer keyboard that she can use to type both English (Nigerian official language) and her native language Yorùbá started the concept and inspired the creation of NAILANGS keyboards which is not for one language but many Nigerian languages taking into consideration Nigeria as a multilingual society where multilingualism thrive .

And slowly the question came,”why can’t Nigeria have her own keyboard? A keyboard to type many of her languages?” One keyboard, many languages!

The quest to answer the above question resulted in the creation of NAILANGS Keyboard.

ONE NATION, many languages, ONE KEYBOARD!