The purpose of NAILANGS KEYBOARD is to enable typing Nigerian languages using the 21st century technology, computer. It is to provide Nigeria with her own computer keyboards where many of her languages can be typed using actual keys and tone marks that are specific to these languages.

It is to also see so many bilingual Nigerians express themselves correctly in their writings and that Nigeria’s indigenous languages are written just as its business / official language on computer.

It is to enable Nigerians communicate in their own unique way using 21st century tool, computer!

Up until now, Majority of Nigerians have had to type their languages using English keyboards, which do not have many keys that are peculiar and particular to so many Nigerian languages.

Also, Nigerian languages are tonal languages, using English keyboards make it difficult most times to have instant understanding of what’s been written and guesswork (or guess word) became the norm!

But no more!

With Nailangs Keyboards, readers are now able to type, read and have instant understanding of what’s written.

Type it right! Type it with NAILANGS KEYBOARD!